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Our thînk Experience

I’ll never forget my first firewalk over 20 years ago. Like so many, I was both nervous and excited at the same time as I prepared to step on the glowing bed of coals. Now it was my turn; a flood of adrenaline raced through my body. Could I do something so terrifying? What if I couldn’t? Then I remembered the training we just had. I looked straight ahead and with a deep, focused breath and determined intention, stepped onto the coals. The next thing I had done it! The euphoria was indescribable. Since then I have walked hundreds of times, and I still get the same buzz as if it was my first. Incredible!
On the surface, our ‘thînk experiences’ could easily be mistaken for a typical pump you up, ‘look in the mirror and see a winner’ Ra Ra event. However, most of those type of events are just that, an event! A few days later it’s back to life as usual.
We offer much more than that, which is why we call our events an ‘experience.’  We aim to give each person three takeaways;  the experience must be meaningful, have a real impact and enable us to achieve more in our life. How? By combining easy to understand, current thînking with hands-on experience that make a lasting difference.

Charity Fundraising Experience

Our fundraising events are designed to be highly rewarding and phenomenal experiences for all involved. We incorporate our high impact activities and easy-to-absorb teaching models, ensuring that everyone taking part completes challenging activities and learns something about themselves along the way.

Team Energisers

Metaphors serve as powerful analogies for real-life situations. Walking across 600 degree burning coals or standing on crackling, crunching chard's of glass often present similar thoughts and emotions to being called in for your ‘performance review’ or dealing with a difficult situation.

Caribbean Flotilla

Eleven Sunsail Yachts, 35 people - A unique team building exercise on the sandy white beach of the British Virgin Isles. Ropes, buckets, blindfolds and water created a highly energising event with lots of laughter and even hysterics at times!

Personal Presence & Impact

One day experience aimed at increasing personal presence and impact through self-awareness. Particular attention is aimed at leading and interacting in an authentic, engaging and inspiring, yet comfortably relaxed style true to each individual.

Our 'experiences' have inspired;

Fire | Glass | Board | Arrow

  • Determination

Ready for a ‘thînk experience?’