Where it all began


Born in Zimbabwe, Patrick acquired a wealth of knowledge in business and human behaviour.  A number of personal life impacting events ignited an interest in Patrick to explore the mind and what influences us to think and behave the way we do. 

His first encounter with the sciences of the mind was some 20 years ago while attending a course on advanced mind control techniques. The experience was so great that it led him to explore his own beliefs, thought processes and behaviours. The more he researched, the greater his desire to understand what makes us who we are AND how we have a choice to be different.


His journey also includes being MD of a successful electrical engineering company, working in Trauma Relief with victims of violence in South Africa and regularly being on retreat with Buddhist Monks in Kwazulu Natal! Patrick’s teaching comes from a position of knowledge, experience, scientific theory and fact – he is the inspirational source behind thînk.com!


Program Facilitator

Patrick is a highly recommended trainer and coach. He has an innate ability to inspire, motivate and energise individuals to perform at their best. He recounts experiences and tells stories that keep audiences spellbound. Patrick challenges current thinking and gives new insights on perspectives using a plethora of activities and techniques designed for lasting change.


Instructor and Coach

Eleni has tremendous success in the corporate world as a senior manager, leading and coaching hundreds of people to achieve their personal best. She brings a wealth of experience along with a unique approach having studied a Masters Degree in Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy. She has a fantastic ability to tap into the core of issues and address critical, yet often sensitive situations.



Nick brings a wealth of knowledge in sales and end to end customer support in both commercial and retail sectors. Nick’s incredible attention to detail and a ‘can do’ attitude makes him the ideal event coordinator ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently. As a fully trained firewalk instructor, Nick pays particular attention to walker and spectator safety.

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